Release Notes

Release 2.09

January 24, 2023

New Dashboard

You now have a new tool within Workspace that enables you to make charts to visualize data generated in your Workspace. You can generate Bar or Pie style Insights in this first beta version of Dashboard.  Try it out!

This feature is for users with the Manager role and above.

Partner profiling with AI

Instantly discover the key data about your partners.

You can now easily access all the relevant descriptive information about your partners on their website. To do this, enter their URL, and our AI will provide you the Company name, capabilities, and an overview of its activities. All of this data can be modified afterward. To make this new partner available in your ecosystem, simply click the "ADD ORGANIZATION" button.

More Filter options

Filters are now available in more sections of PosterLab. For instance, within Organizations, you can filter by partners that have been given access to particular Capabilities. Alternatively, you can also limit your search to certain Board partners.


Get Board notifications in Teams or Slack

By configuring the Board RSS Feed link, you can receive notifications in the channels you use with your partners in Microsoft Teams, Slack, or other tools. Each time a New Organization, New User, or New Card occurs on the Board, you will be notified in Teams and given a link.

Access the Board settings menu as a Board Manager role, then select the "RSS Link" to configure it. Copy the URL that appears in the following panel. From here, you must use this URL to set up Microsoft Teams' or Slack's RSS connector.

UX & Performance Improvements

  • Users can customize statuses on the Partnership portfolio page.

Fixed bugs

  • FIXED: Navigation issues after refreshing the Organizations page
  • FIXED: Issues removing a Tag in Cards
  • FIXED: Card link attributes are duplicated when inserting multiple links in Cards