Release Notes

Release 2.08

December 12, 2022

New custom attributes: Number, dropdown list, and priority

Now you can add more custom fields inside the cards. To do so, in the "Edit ab" option you will find two new field types: Number and Dropdown. These new attributes will be useful to insert new fields such as Budget, Sales, Volume... To change the card priority, click on the flag in the tag header and select the desired priority: Urgent, High, Normal, or Low.

RSS Feed Link (eg in Microsoft Teams or Slack)

Receive notifications in the channels you use with your partners in Microsoft Teams, Slack, or other tools by configuring the workshop RSS Feed link. To configure it, as a Manager role, access the Workspace settings menu and access "RSS Link". In the following panel, copy the URL displayed. From here, you need to configure the RSS connector of Microsoft Teams or Slack using this URL. Click on them for more detailed instructions.

The currently active notifications are new Organizations in the Workspace, new users in the Workspace, and new Cards created in the Workspace.

Reuse the same Tags and Skills across the Workspace

When you insert a new tag in the Card, or a new skill in the properties of a user and/or organization, it will be saved in your account and can be reused in the future by you and other users.

Invite to the Board level

The platform now allows you to invite users at the Board level without the need to invite at the top level (Workspace). In this way, you can limit users to certain Boards. To invite a user to a specific Board, click on the "INVITE TO THE BOARD" button located next to the board title.

Note: all new users invited to a Board will acquire the "Guest" role of the parent Workspace by default. In case the invited user has the same email domain as the one assigned to the organization's Space, he/she will receive the role Member of the parent Workspace.

UX & Performance Improvements

Search also by Tags in your boards.

Filter by nested organizations in the Workspace organization's page.

Option to show only workspaces and boards created by external organizations on the Home page.

Arrange Boards items in the Workspace's main menu.Get a list of all your roles in user settings.

Full and clickable breadcrumbs path in Cards.Sorting of all lists alphabetically (tags, skills, etc).

Fixed bugs

FIXED: When task change status dates are removed.

FIXED: Main menu items are not shown accordingly.

FIXED: Can't open a card from "Assigned Cards" in an Organization detail page.

FIXED: Statuses list is not displayed in some scenarios.