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"Companies recognize the importance of partnering for futures revenues, but they face a common challenge: though they build strategies centered on external innovations and collaborations they are doing so with organization built to bring internally developed products and services to market." Kelsey Glatz and David Chapnick from Vantage Partners, How good at partnering are we?

Team & Expertise

Our complementarity is our #1 asset.
The 3 co-founders, Santi Porta, Carsten Blau and Sebastien Charles put together their capabilities in software development, product design, innovation and partnership management to develop a unique solution.In addition to the 3 different cultural (German, French, Spanish) and experience backgrounds of the founders, they are supported by a highly international team (8 nationalities from 4 different continents) as well as an Expert & Scientific Committee. The later help them to validate the assumption ad the solution market/fit.

"In my career as an Innovation Manager, I was involved in many partnerships, so I know the success stories as well as the failures. Partnership Management is a rather uncommon business. The digitalization quickens up processes if you know the existing challenge in the practical field."
Sébastien Charles
PosterLab Co-Founder & CEO

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Our Team

Sebastien Charles
Co-Founder & CEO

5 years of experience​
US, France, Belgium, Germany

Innovation Manager for some of the biggest US and German chemical companies SME for the 2 Innovation software's implementation​

Santi Porta
Co-Founder & CPO

15 years of experience​
Spain, Germany

​​Lead Scientific Communication of  large R&D organization​

Carsten Blau

25 years of experience ​

Advised & Implemented Digital Innovation / Business Models for several companies

Our Scientific Commitee

Dr. Florian Kirschenhofer
Start-up & Portfolio-Manager
Sami Jaby ElHaramein
Data Scientist
Dr. Daniel Rupprecht
Vice President Quality Operations
Dr. Lykke Margot Ricard
Vice Chair Department Council of Technology and Innovation
Tobias Lutz
Senior Consultant Chemicals
Dr. Geoffrey Iwata
Magnetic Sensing Physicist
Dr. Mara Schuler-Bermann
Start-Up Advisor-Technology Scout
Dr. Mathew Divine
Head of Digital Lab in Clinical Development and Operations
Typhaine Beaupérin
Chief Executive Officer
Carsten Blau
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Prof. Dr. Peter Weber
Professor & Journalist in Technology and Science
Sabrina Lenz
Political Advisor Mobility
Dr. Mike Morrison
UX Developer
Dr. Stephan Hohmann
Director Business Alliances​
Florian Wienbrügge
Partner & Head of Business & Growth
Dr. Kaouthar Slama
Account Manager
Mikel Mangold
Ecosystem Orchestrator, Author​
Jenni Kaipainen
Doctoral Researcher​

Experts on board

Sophie Lismonde
Maturity Assessment Expert

As Co-Founder of Consensa Consulting, Sophie is an expert in collaoration, and has been working in the field for over 15 years, consulting several industries and leading firms to success.

With our Collaboration Maturity Assessment, Sophie will evaluate your organization's collaboration practices, processes, and technology to determine your current level of capability and effectiveness.

Learn more about the Collaboration Maturity Assessment
Joe Kittel
Alliance Leadership Coaching

Joe helps individuals who lead collaborative-R&D partnerships and strategic alliances. He has over 3 decades of experience, including developing and managing collaborative-R&D strategic alliances at Hewlett-Packard, with companies like Microsoft (corporate alliance team), SAP, US West and others.

Understand and learn how to address your greatest challenges stopping you from boosting your collaboration with a two-part Alliance Leadership Coaching session with Joe.

Learn more about the Alliance Leadership Coaching

Our Scientific Commitee

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